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We Are A professional garage door repair company

We have been providing expert garage door repair services to homeowners in Arvada, CO and the surrounding areas for many years. We take pride in our professional technicians, who can handle just about any garage door-related issue you may be facing! From repairing small parts such as the rollers and cables, to the installation of a brand new garage door, we will gladly assist you with all of your needs.

We make sure you are happy the first time around, and minimize any surprises that may occur to your garage door in the future. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we work hard to make your investment worth the while.

Garages can be extremely dangerous places. There is a lot of heavy machinery, moving parts, and springs under an incredible amount of tension.

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As a result of that, there are a lot of safety guidelines and regulations that need to be followed when doing any sort of garage work. This includes if you’re replacing garage door panels.

At Capitol Garage Doors, every single member of our team is well versed in all of these regulations. Every single piece of work we do, down to the screws we install, all comply with the necessary guidelines. You never have to worry about amateur or unsafe work when you call us out.

Getting an unlicensed worker to do your garage work might seem like a cheap alternative, but more often than not, it actually costs you more in the long run.

When a repair job is done poorly, it generally causes more damage over time than it fixes. As a result, you need to call us out to repair the damage that was left by the poor repair job. If you call out Capitol the first time around, you can avoid all of that.

Our Services


Spring repair

One of the most common garage door issues. If you are having trouble opening and closing your garage door, this might be the case.


opener repair & installation

The opener operates your garage door as its motor. Whether you’re in need of a quick fix or a completely new opener installed, we have you covered!


garage door installation

We offer Free estimates on new garage doors, to allow you to make the best choices that fit your style and your budget perfectly. 


cable replacement

Over time, garage door cables become frayed and may unwound off the drum. When this happens, give the professionals a call as soon as possible.


panel replacement

Damaged garage door panels may not be just an aesthetic issue, but may compromise the over all operation of your garage door. 


roller replacement

If your garaged door doesn’t run smoothly as usual or makes more noise than before, your rollers may be in need of a replacement.

Recent Projects

Have a look at some garage door installation projects we recently finished in the area!

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